Saturday, April 11, 2015


Ask yourself why the police stick together in all things rape, illegal search and seizure, blackmail, the planting of evidence, murder, etc. The police are the biggest crime syndicate in the United States; that’s why. The biggest because we the people financially, with our tax dollars, give unfettered rise to their ranks making them essentially untouchable.

Among their ranks, however, their death is but a carefully orchestrated move on the very streets they themselves patrol. “I’m under heavy fire and need backup…” Who’s to say that, that backup will come in time? “We have suspicious activity on Biltmore and Rose Hill Court…” You’re in the area and see to the call only to be met by your colleagues wearing plain clothing, who then shoot you dead and begin rounding up the local gangsters/thugs from the black and/or Hispanic population (of course) and plant evidence before strong-arming them into confessing to a crime they had nothing to do with. “Plead guilty to this and we’ll toss out these other bogus charges…”

It's not hard, at all, to find their wives raped and murdered, their children molested and killed, or themselves staring down the barrel of a gun by those same officers both themselves and their families once called friend. This syndicate rivals all those who came before them as their network holds a gun to the head of its employers: senators, congressmen, governors, mayors, presidents, and (of course) the average American.


When this syndicate (as they most certainly do) violate our rights in grand fashion and we sue and win millions, they could care less because our victory doesn’t affect them in any way, shape, or form as the money is paid by we the people for the ill actions of just one of our paid employees. Politically, why is it that these officers are not forced to personally pay for some sort of insurance like a doctor covers the cost of malpractice? This would certainly give pause to those officers who routinely violate the law themselves (as they always have) with impunity. Why this simple fix has not been introduced, voted upon, and/or made into law? Because our politicians don’t want that aforementioned gun this syndicate has to their heads to go off; that’s why.

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