Saturday, August 13, 2016


Back then and till this very day “WE THE PEOPLE” of African descent have been continuously marginalized—dismissed out write; all because of our beautiful complexions. This marginalization and dismissiveness was like a reinforced shield—a heavily fortified protective barrier for us, which for generations has held steady.

The many books on President John F. Kennedy—his assassination, warren commission, Garrison investigation, to the books chronicling the plethora of eye-witness deaths omits the many African American witnesses who, too, were fortunate to have hand-me-down cameras and video recording machines in 1963.

Our government, like the plague, rained down on numerous European American service members to civilians in their ongoing efforts at covering up all that happened that day in Dallas while African American’s, in awe of Camelot, who witnessed in great detail, a United States president—one who spoke to their societal qualms—slain in broad daylight.

That gumption, that evil, that display of unfettered power—bold and unapologetic seen by “WE THE PEOPLE” of African descent, triggered an instinctive reaction to quickly disperse, to store away their recordings, photographs, and their memories of all that really took place that day, and more importantly, to never—EVER speak of President John F. Kennedy’s slaying.

My great grandfather [may he rest in peace] told me on many occasions that, “upon the fall of Camelot, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ of African descent were never as safe in this nation as we were on that bloody day in 1963 Dallas and after-the-fact concerning JFK’s murder.” He’d go on to say, “I saw a child with a riffle in a storm drain on Elm Street. I have a photo of the kid. He was a white child, but black sewage sludge coated his face, but his eyes and features were unmistakably that of a child.” He was a crazy old man, yeah?

I’m closer to this [ A HUSHED MEMOIR ] than I am at liberty to divulge. Given the unexpected demise of
William Cooper, Phil Schneider, Dr. Karla Turner and all the others who have had the courage to go against the bureaucracy and to speak the truth, I’m sure you can understand my need for caution, yeah?

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