Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Are you looking for original story ideas for film adaptation? I have two projects slated for publication in the spring and summer of 2017 with Evolved Publishing.

The Possession, book #1 in the Writer's Block trilogy is quite an interesting story and one I strongly believe would make a formidable feature film that, if directed adequately, could have audiences harkening back to the time when William Peter Blatty's Academy Award winning project The Exorcist graced the big screen. Imperium Heirs, book #1 in the Conspirator’s Odyssey series would also prove to be a compelling, thought-provoking film. I believe the concept has film franchise potential in the vein of Robert Ludlum’s Bourne series and film franchise, but Conspirator’s Odyssey would be the first major film franchise that would feature a strong female protagonist; roles of which Hollywood is cur-

rently clamoring for.

I strongly believe that my original work, if adapted to a feature film and/or a television series, would be an outstanding achievement, profitable, and a worthwhile venture. Being an avid movie buff, I see that the film industry is a very hungry field—even hungrier for original stories given the amount of recycled material produced these days; not to mention Hollywood’s reliance on remakes because they lack original ideas.

There are interested parties/contacts in the film industry that are currently considering these works, but given that I have yet to be asked for exclusive consideration nor have I received a letter of intent from anyone concerning either one of my projects, both are currently wide open for negotiations. Lastly, I am an author willing to be involved in a studio project beyond selling the film/television rights to my original stories, i.e. as an on-set adviser or creative consultant for example. I would more than welcome it! Stephen King has always been a creative consultant on the many films that were made from his literary works. I believe it’s only appropriate for continuity, flow, character development, etc.

Be advised that I'm not a screenwriter nor have I invested in either a script or treatment for these works. I'm simply an author open to negotiating screen and stage rights. The adaptation (unless negotiated otherwise) would be the responsibility of the filmmaker, studio, and/or producer who chooses to enter into a deal.

Interested parties should direct their inquiries to my publisher at admin@evolvedpub.com or if you would like to, first, communicate directly with me about your curiosity; please reach out to me at info@thewriterofbooks.com so that we can arrange a conclave either by phone or in person.

Pragmatic author A.K. Kuykendall has a passion for writing conspiracy, espionage, horror, and suspense literature that blend the concepts of fact and fiction. For more information on his projects, visit http://www.thewriterofbooks.com/list-of-works/ or, to email the author directly for Q&A on this post, write to info@thewriterofbooks.com.