Saturday, September 5, 2015


Would you believe me or think of me as effrontery if I told you that 1.) the meticulously detailed wealth of notes, now being referred to as the Blue Planet Project, are actually the diary entries of Dwight D. Eisenhower, 2.) that they are records that go as far back as 1939, 3.) that when this diary first surfaced in the 1980's more than a decade after his passing, covert gatekeepers of Eisenhower's true legacy removed any pertinent Intel that would shine light on just who he was; beyond that which we've been systematically led to believe, and last but not least 4.) that he obtained this information during his time as the first and only human functionary ever to be accepted as a representative on the Council of Galaxies—an off world body made up of countless alien species from innumerable extraterrestrial worlds that span the furthest recesses of our multifaceted macrocosm?

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  1. If you really want to get some factual truth, watch, read Dr. Norman R. Bergrun's conference based on his "scientific Data -book" RINGMAKERS OF SATURN.
    Dr. Bergrun was the top scientist during the Voyager 1-2 Mission Program, when Voyager 2 was approaching planet Saturn, they noticed that a big chunk of the rings was missing? so they turned the telescopic cameras towards that area, to their surprise indeed it was missing, but what really shocked them was the giant cylindrical objects that were rebuilding the missing part of the rings, he (Dr. Bergrun) estimated the size of the 3 largest objects using the known width of the rings, they were 56,25,12 "Thousand Kilometers" in length by 7 thousand kilometers wide (more or less)depending on the size of the object. when Dr. Bergrun asked if they should call the scientific community and the Press to inform the world about this , he was told NOPE? so he decided to research these objects on his own, taking advantage of his very high security clearance (Higher than the U.S President) to dig into the secret NASA archives, what he found is so troulbling and hard to grasp that he decided top write a book showing what, how this Solar System has been "manufacture, none of the so called CRATERS on any planet, Moon, Asteroids, Comets are impact craters, but molten holes, I already have been resear4ching the very same phenomena studying thousands of images from NASA, Teledscopes (incuding my own) images from cameras (including my own), , well, just look at any videos shot from orbit, you won see a single star? the same goes for any images of the moon and planets taken by different Orbiters, no a single star, Just like Dr. Bergrun said in the Conference, the Sun is NOT what they are telling us it is.
    I can show anyone how the Sun is made (interlocking Cubes, is a Torsion Field and is black, the images from the SOHO stereo cameras from 1996 show exactly how the entire Solar System is built, the same is for the planets and Moons, but it goes well beyond that I have decoded an image of the Moon, taken by Apollo 8. This image is the only one ever seen by the public sector, is full of Reptilian type scultptures of incredible complexity, very organized, superb Geometry, that's exactly what Dr. Bergrun said at some point in the Conference, but I also discovered that Earth have a structure that covers the entire upper part of the planet, it's an exosphere, the Entities who this Planet use Electro magnetism to achieve feats that we can only dream of, well, I will have to write 5 books to show what I know along with the images to prove it. Write me at if you want to get on the right road.
    Peace. E. A.