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Get yourself a qualified literary agent and direct (without reservation) any and all inquiries their way. I failed to do so with the following encounter and cast upon myself an unnecessary amount of undo malaise by deviating from what I knew to be the correct course of action.

Just days ago I filed state and federal charges against Mr. Clinton ‘James’ Haness, Creative Producer - NextLevel Productions @ for threatening my life on Thursday July 3, 2014.

In this “Extremely Important Public Service Announcement,” I wanted to provide the All Points Bulletin (APB) put out for his arrest, but my attorney’s instructed that I refrain from doing so as to not disrupt jurisprudence. I was, however, given permission to widely distribute this public service announcement in order to make aware all those who have yet to come in contact with this man, those who are inclined to do business with this man, and give voice to those of you who have come in contact with this man and have experienced his unprofessional business tactics, intimidating disposition, raw verbiage, and his propensity to fling idol threats to those unwilling to bend to his incomprehensible will.

Having minored in psychology throughout my years in college allowed me to surmise what this man may be suffering from, and that is Schizophrenia—a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

I will, however, let you be the judge! Below, I’ve attached the transcript of our correspondence (in its entirety) that led to my filing charges against this man, which is currently in the hands of state and federal jurisdictions throughout the fifty states:

A.K. KUYKENDALL—Are you looking for original story ideas? I have two novels I'm currently shopping around for film adaptation and was just wondering. Conspiracy, espionage, horror, and suspense are my genres of particular interest.

The Possession, book #1 in the Writer's Block trilogy is quite an interesting story and one I strongly believe would make a formidable feature film that, if directed adequately, could have audiences harkening back to the time when William Peter Blatty's Academy Award winning project The Exorcist graced the big screen. The Evolution of the Patron Saint, book #1 in the Conspirator’s Odyssey series would also prove to be a compelling, thought provoking film. With the project being the first in a series, I believe it has film franchise potential in the vein of Robert Ludlum’s Bourne series and film franchise, but Conspirator’s Odyssey would be the first major film franchise that would feature a strong female protagonist.

I strongly believe that my original work, if adapted to a feature film and/or a television series, would be an outstanding achievement, profitable, and a worthwhile venture. Being an avid movie buff, I see that the film industry is a very hungry field—even hungrier for original stories given the amount of recycled material produced these days; not to mention Hollywood’s reliance on remakes because they lack original ideas.

There are interested parties/contacts in the film industry that are currently considering these works, but given that I have yet to be asked for exclusive consideration nor have I received a letter of intent from anyone concerning either one of my projects, both are currently wide open for negotiations. I’m an author willing to be involved in a studio project beyond selling the film/television rights to my original stories, i.e. as an on set adviser or creative consultant for example. I would more than welcome it! Stephen King has always been a creative consultant on the many films that were made from his books. I believe it’s only appropriate for continuity, flow, character development, etc.

Should you want to, immediately, enter into negotiations to acquire film/television rights to my original stories, please contact my agent Donald Maass of DMLA out of New York @

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—I’m interested in speaking with you casually first!

A.K. KUYKENDALL—Very well! How would you like to make contact?

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—Are you a chef too? Best way if you want to move forward and do biz is thru SMS or email. This account is about to be transformed so if we click then try these direct means: 619-720-2821 or Be advised, I do not waste my time or yours, so if you are just fishing or aren’t serious, please do not engage further, I only work with professionals and authentic Kats.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—My apologies for the delay in responding, Mr. Haness! Yes, I am a licensed and trained chef. However, and as my biography reads, I'm a traditionally published author who is represented by top agent Donald Maass of DMLA out of New York. I wouldn't play with you or anyone else when it comes to possibly seeing my original stories adapted for the big screen. I don't mind our contacting each other for casual talks, but if you want to enter into negotiations to acquire film/television rights to my original stories while they're still available; you would do well to contact my agent post haste. For our talks, however, you can email me at

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—Certainly I got it...samples on your website?

A.K. KUYKENDALL—Indeed, sir! You'll find a detailed synopsis for all my work @

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—I’m based mostly in Maui...but I’m in Southern California (SF) now which is my roots...Send me a sample you do character development and script writing for film including dialogue?

A.K. KUYKENDALL—I was born in Albany, Georgia, but grew up as a military brat on both the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and later at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base located in Jacksonville, North Carolina. I'm currently residing in Miami, Florida with my wife and three sons. The only samples I have or can provide are located @ I'm an author of novels, sir! I haven't any clue, experience, and/or interest in script writing for film. Our recently flag-shipped campaign means to gain the interest of Hollywood insiders, filmmakers/directors, producers, et alia to adapt my original projects for the big screen. What are your intentions, Mr. Haness?

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—My intentions are always to coolab, make films, art, inform, inspire, enable other talent and create attainable economies for creatives and local businesses. I’m currently working on three films. I am also a writer, fine artist, a musician, designer, and community builder and proud father of a talented young girl.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—I’m writing poolside while my boys swim. I receive emails, but can’t send any from here. I did, however, check you out and am impressed, sir. I was wondering though what interests you about my projects.

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—First your African, second you are respectful and professional, you have lived in Hawaii and I’m certain your work may be par to intriguing my standards. And as I see on your website u have some interesting focuses. So I was right! Right on! Go on w yo bad self and u from the south? My man! So there’s of variable of things I can do for you…. And I’m interested to see what you can come up w for me…. Ultimately used to create a success that has a profound impact and informs people towards your own personal evolution and changing thangs.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—Details please?

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—Excuse our own personal evolution as spiritual beings on this planet. To be created! You tell me what’s missing or needed or desired and I should be able to resolve it. I’m a CREATIVE PRODUCER…its self-defined and possibilities are limitless.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—I’m sure you know that my work, primarily my conspiratorial work is steeped in historical truth?

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—As is all decent fiction ironically.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—I’m looking for someone who has an interest in bringing my work to life.

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—Do you need to develop a new marketing strategy. My skill set is pretty diverse as you can see on my website but it also extends beyond that so what can I do for you? How so?

A.K. KUYKENDALL—My team, agency, publishers, etc. handles this for me. I just write!

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—It’s living pretty well already published don’t you think? Is sales an issue and could use help? So what do you need that my man gets to the point! You want to go on into film is that what you are saying? If that’s the case then let’s put together a budget and put together a pilot and make this thing happen…. I can integrate you in.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—That is the reason for the pitch, which you were interested in, sir.

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—As the co-producer being that you would be the primary and Esther and it is your concept and creation. The best way to populate and get people interested on larger scale is through the Independent Film Festival media. Sure man … but you don’t need to call me sir and I don’t need you to utilize such stanch military pleasantries to speak relax I’m with you. Do you have a budget? Are you prepared to be a part of this process or do you want to just hand it off? I can tell you right off the bat that if someone hasn’t come to your door already, they’re not going to be doing any time soon. Do you realize how many people pitch quality ideas to California (CA) and to all the major producers in Hollywood and independent media producers? In reality it’s like anything else it’s like a field of dreams you got to build it and they will come. Even people who are full major actors and producers in Hollywood have a hard time getting money and getting their visions realized or see the public so the best way to do this is to start with the public and forget about the industry for now.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—I’m not a producer nor do I have any interest in that side of the business. I’m only seeking to sell rights-film rights to my original work. However, if a sound deal could be worked out with my agent; I’d be willing to partner.

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—They aren’t concerned with vision they’re concerned with financial that’s it. Are we having a conversation or am I just going to talk to myself? Ok…So your pictures just about making money then? If that you’re interested you need to go directly to the source if you want a film made then you need to talk to me in that manner otherwise you’re wasting my time. Ok…I’m about to drop this conversation pretend like I haven’t ever met you if you can’t continue to have normal conversation.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—I’m not as fast by way of text and you are and can’t keep up. Still reading, but you keep texting, which backs me up.

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—I’m not an investor or middleman…I’m a creator…so I’m going to ask you this one last time. What can I do for you? I’m going to devise you that no one’s going to by the rights to your book if they haven’t made an offer already. It doesn’t work that way anymore my friend and never really did. You have to step forward with something.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—If you’re interested in acquiring my work, it’s available. The details of which must be discussed with my agent.

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—Ok now you have pissed me off…you don’t have an agent dumbshit…otw id be talking to her now instead of u.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—Thank you for the advice, but my agent handles this side of things for me, sir.

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—Good day…u hypocritical hustler…U and your imaginary agent can go FUCK YOURSELVES…seriously I have before people like you, you are the scum of the fucking earth. You are an insult to literature you’re insulting you madly and you’re an insult to the black people I can’t believe I’m hearing this. You absolutely disgust me. Now yer gona feel my wrath for attempting to deceive and hustle.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—Sir, you asked to speak with me. I then informed you that I would speak with you, but any business would have to be discussed with him (my agent) not with me. Remember?

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—I recommend you shut the fuck up and pretend like you never met me mother fucker because I’m coming after you now. You solicited me I responded and you lied to me and I don’t take to motherfuckers to lie to me and waste my time.. Now I’m going to pleasure myself with watching you fade into the dust. ..You are the conspiracy you should write about.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—Don’t let my kind words fool you into believing I’m unwilling nor unable to protect myself and my family, sir. Florida is a Stand Your Ground state and I am legally armed. Be advised, that I’m aware of your ongoing criminal offenses - - And I don’t hustle! I’m a real artist with a sound and protected future. My team protects me from those of your pedigree, Mr. Haness.

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—My pedigree eats you for lunch…You can talk talk talk talk all you want you can’t hide from the eyes of creation…or karma…you sir are already fucked. And it is self-evident in your desperation…that it needs to continue on with your, arguing with me over nothing. So kindly go evolve somewhere or go fuck off cause you’re taking up space on the planet.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—Our correspondence will be going to both state and federal jurisdictions in Florida, Hawaii, but also will be dispersed over the fifty states. Pretty much a wide net. I will be filling charges based on your threat. Be advised, Mr. Haness. And about my pitch; you really should read it again. This time with your eyes open, yeah.

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—I’m gona ask you once and that’s all I need legally – please stop contacting me you are harassing me with an illegal proposition.

A.K. KUYKENDALL—This conversation will also be syndicated and published in its entirety, once it has been filed with the proper authorities, on my blog and widely distributed as a public service announcement. And if my attorney deems it appropriate, the APB for your arrest will also be published. Be advised, Mr. Haness.

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—Awesome then u will owe me cuz itd all m!!

A.K. KUYKENDALL—English, please!

CLINTON ‘JAMES’ HANESS—Yer mentally off dude! And be advised if you ever come back to Hawaii don’t bother…cuz I will gladly put my timbo up yer ass as I kick it rite back off the island.

Again, get yourself a qualified literary agent and direct (without reservation) any and all inquiries their way. I failed to do so with the aforementioned encounter and cast upon myself an unnecessary amount of undo malaise by deviating from what I knew to be the correct course of action. I’ve learned so much from this recent encounter (as I hope you have as well) and can guarantee that it’ll never happen again.

Pragmatic author A.K. Kuykendall has a passion for writing conspiracy, espionage, horror, and suspense literature that blend the concepts of fact and fiction. For more information on his projects, visit or, to email the author directly for Q&A on this post, write to

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